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View full product specification and performance data in the PDF documentFull spec and performance data.

Self-regulating heating element


The self-regulating heating element regulates its heat output in response to changes in temperature. The highly engineered, irradiated conductive core increases its heat output when the temperature falls and decreases its heat output when the temperature rises.


To help protect against impact and mechanical abuse, the heating element is available with either a 100% tinned copper or 100% stainless steel braid and is approved by Factory Mutual for use in Class I, Division 2, Groups B,C, and D; Class II, Division 2, Groups F and G; and Class III, Division 2 areas. It is rated T5 per NEC 500-3(b), and is U.L. recognized under the Appliance Wire Classification (file E 76498).


Please note: The 1990 National Electric Code requires that "ground fault protection of equipment shall be provided for branch circuits supplying electric heating equipment NOT having a metal covering."



Basic Design - Resists most aqueous inorganic chemicals. Ordinary use only.

Tinned copper braid option Ground return and mechanical protection in non-corrosive applications.

Stainless steel braid option - Mechanical protection in mildly corrosive applications.

Tinned copper braid with thermoplastic elastomer jacket option - Mechanical protection in corrosive applications.
Tinned copper braid with fluoropolymer jacket option - Protection where exposure to organic chemicals or corrosives is expected.
Monitor wire option - Allows for continuous monitoring of both bus wires for continuity.