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Synflex nylon tubing

"N" (nylon) Tubing is recommended for instrument lines requiring maximum mechanical strength in a thermoplastic tube, with pressure or high temperature extremes exceeding the limits of "P" or "HP" tubing. "N" Tubing is a Type 11 nylon tube with good moisture and ultraviolet resistance compared to other types of nylon. It is the most flexible nylon tubing you can buy. Temperature and pressure characteristics are excellent. Its operating temperature ranges up to 230°F.



"N" is chemical resistant, nonconductive, lightweight and exceptionally flexible. It will not fatigue under constant flexing, vibration, impulsing or torsional stresses. "N"Tubing will retain its original dimensions and basic design specifications through its entire service life.


Easy to Install

A pocket knife is all you need to cut "N" Tubing. Flexibility makes installation easy and fast. Self-aligning fittings are suggested for most applications. However, three-piece compression type fittings may be used. Tube support is recommended with either type of fittings where pressures approach 50% of the burst rating.


How to Specify

Example: 4212-43503 "N"Tubing, 1/4" 0.0. x .035" wall, 250 ft. lengths.



Available in 1/4" and 3/8" sizes in black only and shipped in convenient master pack quantities.


Standard Lengths

1/4" - 250-foot lengths

3/8" - 250-foot lengths