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high-density polyethylene tubing

Synflex "HP" (high-density polyethylene) Tubing is recommended for air, gas, water and chemical lines where tubing with slightly higher temperature and pressure characteristics than those of "P" tubing is desired.


Synflex "HP" Tubing is made of a tougher material than Synflex "P" tub­ing, but is slightly stiffer. "HP" is manu­factured from a high-density high molecular weight, low melt index virgin polyethylene compound. It has outstand­ing resistance to stress cracking, which is guaranteed by using both the standard ASTM D 1693 test for stress cracking of base materials and a modified test on finished tubing.



Synflex "HP" has the same general advantages as Synflex "P" tubing but has higher temperature and pressure ratings. It is lightweight, flexible, resists fatigue, corrosion, chemicals and moder­ate mechanical use damage. "HP" tub­ing offers maximum resistance to heat and ultraviolet light attack.


Easy to Install

Lightweight and flexibility cut installation costs. The high workability of Synflex "HP" lets you install it by hand.


How to Specify

Example: 1204-44003 Synflex HP tubing, 1/4" O.D. x .040" wall, 250 ft. lengths.



Three standard sizes in coils, available in black only and shipped in convenient master pack quantities.


Standard Lengths

1/4" - 250-, 500-, and 1,000-foot lengths.

3/8" - 250- and 500-foot lengths

1/2" - 250-foot lengths