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Series 1219 - Fire Retardant Twin Tubing

Developed specifically for controlling flame spread and smoke generation, Synflex 1219 FR- Twin (flame retardant) Tubing can be installed in accordance with NFPA, Standard 90A "Installation of Air Conditioning and Ventilation Systems 1985."

Synflex FR- Twin can simplify the hook up and routing of any 2-tube, low pressure instrument or control line installation. Identical 1/4" O.D. or 5/32" O.D. tubes are held together with a continuous, extruded web, making FR-Twin best suited for push-on barbed fittings. 

Flame Retardant
FR- Twin is manufactured from the same flame retardant polyethylene used to make Synflex 1219 "FR" single line tubing and Type 1224 "FR" Poly-Cor. FR-Twin is manufactured from a proprie­tary UL recognized compound, having a UL-94 V2 flammability classification. In addition to our standard test program of heat aging, ultraviolet light protection, stress crack resistance, and toxic off­-gassing, Synflex tubing is a listed prod­uct with a UL Classification for flame and smoke generation per UL 1820. 

Tube Identification
One tube is marked with our convenient 1 thru 30 marking system, so if grouped together, tubing pairs are easily distin­guished by cutting both ends at a speci­fied number. Look for UL Classification marking on product. 

How to Specify
Example: 1219-440T3
Synflex UL Classified FR- Twin tubing, 1/4" O.D. .x .040" wall, 250 ft. coil lengths.

Authorities having jurisdiction should be consulted before installation.