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Synflex composite-wall tubing  


Synflex 1300 is a unique, composite-wall tubing designed for pneumatic instrument control systems. Its fully bonded, polyethylene/aluminum construction com­bines the advantages of both metal and plastic tubing.


Chemical Resistance

The outer, high-density polyethylene layer is impervious to most chemical-containing atmospheres and enables Synflex 1300 to out perform practically all types of unprotected metal tubing.


Greater Strength

The inner aluminum layer adds tube wall strength that permits Synflex 1300 to span large distances without additional support. 11 also makes a perfect tubing choice for direct burial without additional protection, from concrete to earth installa­tions. Synflex 1300's shape-holding abil­ity can provide neat looking bends without special bending tools. Yet the metal rein­forced tube wall gives Synflex 1300 greater pressure ratings than just plain plastic tubing.


Easy to Install

Synflex 1300 can be cut cleanly with a standard utility knife. Tube O.D's are sized to connect with standard compres­sion fittings without special tube prepara­tion. Tubing is manufactured in long, continuous lengths, which can eliminate many fitting connections, yet it's light enough for an installer to carry to prac­tically any location.


Low Cost

Synflex 1300 costs only a fraction of the cost associated with coated metal tubing or tubing made from one of the expensive corrosion resistant metals.


How to Specify

Example: 1300-04403

Synflex 1300 1/4" O.D. X .040" wall, high-density polyethylene/ aluminum composite single line tubing, 250 ft. lengths.