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Synflex plastic coated metal tubing


Type 1005 coated single line tubing is ideally suited for instrumentation and process control lines. It is the original plastic coated metal tubing. Available in 114'; 3/8" and 1/2" 0.D. sizes with wall thicknesses ranging from .030" to .035".


Chemical Resistance

Withstands corrosive atmospheres found in many plants. The PVC or poly­ethylene jacket protects the core tube from chemical attack.


Protection Against Electro·Galvanic Action

Prevents electro-galvanic corrosion, which could occur if the copper or aluminum tube contacted other metals. This is especially important in moist areas.


Mechanical Protection

In areas in which tubing is subjected to vibration or impact, the tubing jacket acts as a cushion.


Low Cost

Plastic jacketed copper, stainless steel or aluminum tubing costs less by out­lasting more expensive alloys in a wide variety of corrosive environments.


Lower Installed Cost

Type 1005 tubing is easier to work with than exotic alloys. Long coil lengths reduce number of costly fitting connections, saving time and material costs.


Composite Product

Plastic coated tubing combines the formability and strength of metal with the corrosion resistance of plastic.


How to Specify

Example: 1005-41204

Synflex 1/4" O.D. x .030" wall PVC coated single line copper tubing, 500' lengths.