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Synflex 1224 flame retardant


Type 1224 "FR" is the ideal all-plastic instrument tubing bundle for installations where flame spread and smoke generation must be controlled. In case of fire, Type 1224 "FR" will not propagate fire.

Flame Retardant (FR) Materials

Tubing contained within the Synflex 1224 "FR" bundle is manufactured to the same material specifications as Synflex 1219 "FR" single line tubing. In addition to longevity tests such as heat aging, ultraviolet light protection and stress crack resistance, bundles are tested for fire safety properties such as flame-spread, smoke generation and off-gassing. Type 1224 "FR" is manufactured from a proprietary flame retardant polyethylene compound that has a UL 94-V2 flammability classification.


Tube Identification

Number-coded tubes eliminate costly guesswork in hookup and help coordinate bundle installation.


Low Initial and Installed Cost

Since Type 1224 "FR" has been designed with fire safety in mind, it may be considered for applications replacing expensive metallic or exotic plastic tubing. And, as with all Synflex bundles, many tubes are installed at one time, saving installation time and labor costs.


How to Specify

Example: 1224-40700

Synflex multiple tube bundle with (7) 1/4" O.D. x .040" "FR" polyethylene tubes, positioned adjacent and parallel, contained in an "FR" polyethylene jacket.